Traveling An Introvert

It may have occurred to you how you end up on a plane beside someone that barely talked. Not that they don’t like talking to you even just for a chit-chat. Sometimes they are just being introverts and conversations that make them feel awkward. And the least they could do is smile at you.

Sometimes you are that person and even the smile can’t hide your awkward feeling.

Being An Introvert is Awesome!

We are still having fun alright!

If you are a self-confessed introvert, no matter how comfortable it had gotten to stay at home, you need to get out and practice the art of self-expression! Leaving the house for a walk, quick Starbucks, or even during a house cleaning, is the perfect opportunity to practice small talk. It forces oneself outside their normal comfort zone. But mind you, being an introvert is completely normal, and sometimes even a gift; especially intuitive introverts. So here are some tips we received from an introvert, owner, and operator of Riverside House Cleaning Agents, residential and commercial cleaning services. If you are an introvert, here are some tips you might benefit from while traveling:

The question is how? Take note of the ways:

  • Headphones.

At home, you never needed headphones. Heck, even if you go full blast with the speaker, the only people inconvenienced would be your neighbors. At the plane or on the bus, when you wanted to be left alone without looking too hostile or scared, you can plug the earbuds. It will keep the music to yourself and people in the same vehicle plus it will give other people the impression that you don’t want to be disturbed. They will only “bug” you in case you’re already close to your destination or some other emergency that may come up enough to put you out of earplug bliss.

  • Your favorite paperback.

Reading while mid-transit on the bus may not be advisable compared to reading while on the plane. So this advice is more applicable for the latter. Advantages are somewhat similar to using earphones since it creates a perception that you don’t want to be bugged or disturbed. Chances are if you end up beside another fan of the author of the book you’re reading at the moment, a little chit-chat may ensue, if you don’t mind, of course.

  • An effort to doze off.

You don’t have to feel sleepy to really doze off at the early part of your trip. But you can condition yourself to sleep even partially when you have a bonnet to hover above your eyelids, lulling you to sleep. This is often easier when done with earphones with Mozart or some other classical piece de resistance playing in the background. This is highly recommended on long trips on the plane. If doing it on the bus, secure your belongings in the bag to avoid theft or getting some items falling off.

Being an introvert should not stop you from going out. Plan out every once in a while to try out something different, and use situations such as when getting your home cleaned, to leave the house for a walk. Learning little by little to get out of your comfort zone to explore the world helps tremendously. The best surprise in store is meeting another introvert interested in you enough to break the ice. The possibilities are endless. Embrace it.

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