Packing Light While Traveling

Packing light has become a very convenient option for people who only take advantage of the weekend to travel. Like why would not those hand-carry bags get sold more than the suitcases and trunks in most online shops if the option to travel light is not that feasible?

It’s easy to understand why – you don’t live in a suitcase. You don’t always have time to travel and chances are you are in a 9-to-5 job that makes your weekend the day-off by default. You just want to utilize the little time you have for yourself to go elsewhere and enjoy.

The good news is that packing light will be less of a hassle for you granted that you abide by the following tips:

  1. Test your current carry-on bag’s capacity.

You don’t always get this opportunity when shopping for a new carry-on bag. You may have some bags in your closet that you have yet to use. But if it doesn’t pack much to help last through the weekend by that beachfront hotel, that’s when you go and start looking elsewhere.

If you are flying, the recommended metrics for a carry-on bag is 45 linear inches be it length, width or height. Verify with your current airline if it matches their specifications. Most airline companies view this bag as the kind that you can carry to your seat carrying enough stuff to last you for a weekend getaway. Bags sold online that contain this type of information deserved to be bookmarked on your online shopping account.

  1. Having a checklist to avoid forgetting any item to stuff in your carry-on bag.

This might no longer be new to you if you have an organizer that even has the weekends all booked up. Some calendars have boxes big enough to accommodate even a checklist of items to bring to the beachfront hotel if you are into that kind of short-term vacation.

If you’ll be away overnight, a set of clothes to change for the next day is recommended to jot down into your checklist. In other words, the number of days that you’d be away would be the safe estimate to spot the number of clothing sets to stuff in your carry-on bag. Remember, this is a weekend getaway and you’re using a carry-on bag. You’re not stashing half your closet into a trunk that you are not allowed to bring aboard your plane seat. Let this serve as a reminder.

  1. Have a white shirt with a collar and buttons included in your traveling clothes.

This usually arises when you are traveling for business or for work. Just add a blazer or thin jacket and you’d look formal in no time. If you have a white shirt but no buttons, as long as it has a collar, you’d be good to go.

  1. Get your stuff packed at least 24 hours before departure.

Haste makes waste. This had never been truer as it is in travel. Even if you have a checklist, the time limit would make you lose your focus along with items that might have been important on your weekend trip. Like who goes to the beachfront hotel accommodation without sunscreen? Or extra underwear when you’re having your period?

A hand-carry bag for traveling out of town does not mean taking the packing aspect lightly as well. This might be one of those rare instances where you get to go on vacation because you have saved up for it. Make the most out of it and enjoy. Just don’t forget about the essentials as written on your checklist.

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