What Not To Bring On Your Luggage

You may have read about articles discussing a checklist needed when traveling elsewhere. But in re-reading the checklist you just made, has it dawned upon you how some of those items should be crossed out of your list?

The point is how can you achieve the goal of traveling light when you are not putting enough effort to trim down that list yourself? So instead of mentioning things worth including to your luggage at the last minute, you should also know which items to pull out of your carry-on bag at the last minute. Or at least 24 hours before hopping aboard your next flight. Read on.

  • Extra dress.

If that weekend travel involves some business conference that comes with fellowship night, just pack one dress good for the cocktail party. What is that extra dress for? To change clothes like Oscars night? If you will not wear that dress for travel, whether you’re driving or flying, you will not wear it in the same weekend getaway that you booked into. This tip came from a friend over at Carpet Cleaners Of Chula Vista, who is constantly traveling.

  • Clothes that required pressing.

If business conference clothes as of late are tagged as “ready to wear”, why bother bringing on clothes that you need to iron for that dress code to be followed.

Certain blazers have a way of transforming a plain white tee into a “backdrop” for your dark navy blue blazer. Or if you have a sleeveless blouse to wear to pair with your fitting Ally McBeal skirt, you may simply top it off with a dark-colored blazer to highlight the light hues of your blouse.

  • New clothes straight from the pack.

The risk of wearing clothes fresh from the pack is you do not even rest assured if it will look great with your stretch denim jeans. Or if it is ill-fitting. Yes, you bought some new clothes in time for the weekend trip booked weeks ago.

But going with something not worn before that you have not even fitted at home seems like a wasted opportunity. So obviously the only way that you can get away with this boo-boo is if you have tried putting in on and matching it with some pants based on color scheme.

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