How to Pick Clothes for your Next Trip

Ever got to the point of not knowing which pieces of clothing to pack for your next weekend getaway? Whether you rarely go on vacation or you’ve done this for the nth time, as long as you have clothes, it’s the choosing part that makes packing almost hard.


The thing is if you lose sight of the reason why you chose the clothes to put in your traveling bag, it will take you a lot longer to decide whether you want that printed dress to go with your sneakers or you’d rather have tattered denim shorts to go with the off-shoulder peach top and plain-colored strappy sandals.

Let’s list them down as follows:

Clothes that don’t need pressing

Not all hotels and resorts have ironing services. For those that do, it might lead to additional expenses. Even if this is a business trip, some ready-to-wear clothes can be packed and worn without the need for that flat iron. Sometimes, the trick is in that blazer or that classic jet black shawl.

Clothes for changing

Spending time under the hot sweltering sun can lead to sweaty moments where you just need to change your shirt. If you’re not at the beach but still enjoying the outdoor kind of a weekend getaway, the last thing you’ll need is a stuffy nose due to sweat that literally dried off your back.

Towels help for sure. But you end up finding the opportunity to change your shirt somewhere private (and with less pervy prying eyes) when you least expect it. So having that extra shirt ready when that time of the day comes.

Additional underwear

Never ever EVER underestimate the need for extra underwear. Getting into an adventurous weekend is no excuse for hygiene negligence. Changing it before going to sleep is a common occurrence. But for other instances where you got into a sticky situation, have extra undies to go with the additional pantyliner kit ready.

Traveling light should not be synonymous to a bulky baggage. The weekend getaway is an opportunity to rediscover yourself in more ways than one. When you are ready to face the world, you might as well be ready with the best clothes in your handy travel bag. Learn more about our posts on our service page.

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