Traveling An Introvert

It may have occurred to you how you end up on a plane beside someone that barely talked. Not that they don’t like talking to you even just for a chit-chat. Sometimes they are just being introverts and conversations that make them feel awkward. And the least they could do is smile at you.

Sometimes you are that person and even the smile can’t hide your awkward feeling.

Being An Introvert is Awesome!

We are still having fun alright!

If you are a self-confessed introvert, no matter how comfortable it had gotten to stay at home, you need to get out and practice the art of self-expression! Leaving the house for a walk, quick Starbucks, or even during a house cleaning, is the perfect opportunity to practice small talk. It forces oneself outside their normal comfort zone. But mind you, being an introvert is completely normal, and sometimes even a gift; especially intuitive introverts. So here are some tips we received from an introvert, owner, and operator of Riverside House Cleaning Agents, residential and commercial cleaning services. If you are an introvert, here are some tips you might benefit from while traveling:

The question is how? Take note of the ways:

  • Headphones.

At home, you never needed headphones. Heck, even if you go full blast with the speaker, the only people inconvenienced would be your neighbors. At the plane or on the bus, when you wanted to be left alone without looking too hostile or scared, you can plug the earbuds. It will keep the music to yourself and people in the same vehicle plus it will give other people the impression that you don’t want to be disturbed. They will only “bug” you in case you’re already close to your destination or some other emergency that may come up enough to put you out of earplug bliss.

  • Your favorite paperback.

Reading while mid-transit on the bus may not be advisable compared to reading while on the plane. So this advice is more applicable for the latter. Advantages are somewhat similar to using earphones since it creates a perception that you don’t want to be bugged or disturbed. Chances are if you end up beside another fan of the author of the book you’re reading at the moment, a little chit-chat may ensue, if you don’t mind, of course. Continue reading

Travel Tips Worth Noting

Traveling to that area you feel like moving into is highly advisable for anyone still skeptical about moving into a new home. It’s not that you have not been into a certain city often enough to scan the area. But you still think that there are some features in the city that you may not have explored enough. The following tips below might give you an insight on what else can be done to make that weekend getaway memorable.

  1. Free walking tours with a friend.

Sure. You have a friend of a friend of a friend (if not a friend you intimately know) that can help you around the city. Touring it in the point of view of one street smart friend means having an idea on how to survive the hustle and bustle of the city before grabbing the opportunity to call your nearest moving company to pack your bags to the cheapest apartelle in the metro. Also, you get to spot the cheapest eats when you’re on a shoestring budget.

  1. Attraction cards come in handy.

Yes. Some parks, museums and art galleries occasionally have some gift cards for tourism purposes. Hence, the term attraction card. At the onset, it may seem like some random promo card that lands on your lap because you happened to look like a tourist. But for the most part, it is one opportunity for you to explore other parts of the city through this freebie.

  1. Have loose cash in a separate wallet fit in your jeans pocket.

You don’t have to be a tourist or frequent traveler to know how several wallets in one bag can do wonders. One big wallet to keep all of the dollar bills and credit cards and a coin purse to keep the loose change handy just in case you need some commuter fare. Having a third wallet though means knowing to segregate the money intended for frolicking at the park and buying a few bites and the money intended to keep in the luggage for emergency purposes. Not too bulky like a coin purse, but not too big either not to fit in the back pocket. Also, in case you got in a pickpocket hotspot, if ever your back pocket wallet gets stolen, you got your coin purse still in your bag and some extra cash left in the luggage itself.

  1. Pack some walking shoes.

This is especially true for backpackers who would rather explore the city by foot than go with the rest of the tourists in a van or a coaster to view the city per pit stop. Not that exploring the pit stop is a bad thing. But sometimes, you just want to see and feel everything from the cool breeze of the autumn season to the cobblestone laid out on the sidewalk for you to tread. Looking at the trees up close from where you stand also helps in identifying the kind of foliage that flourishes in the area in case you feel like planting your own trees in your new home’s front yard.

Most of the time, friends you know from a moving company can help you best in exploring the city for the best spots to move into. Of course, this is before getting in touch with your chosen movers in Chula Vista to help you pack your things and move to the best apartment or bungalow you could ever afford this side of the San Diego County. Now once you have finalized your decision, all that is left for you to do is pack up and move into your new place to call home.

What Not To Bring On Your Luggage

You may have read about articles discussing a checklist needed when traveling elsewhere. But in re-reading the checklist you just made, has it dawned upon you how some of those items should be crossed out of your list?

The point is how can you achieve the goal of traveling light when you are not putting enough effort to trim down that list yourself? So instead of mentioning things worth including to your luggage at the last minute, you should also know which items to pull out of your carry-on bag at the last minute. Or at least 24 hours before hopping aboard your next flight. Read on.

  • Extra dress.

If that weekend travel involves some business conference that comes with fellowship night, just pack one dress good for the cocktail party. What is that extra dress for? To change clothes like Oscars night? If you will not wear that dress for travel, whether you’re driving or flying, you will not wear it in the same weekend getaway that you booked into. This tip came from a friend over at Carpet Cleaners Of Chula Vista, who is constantly traveling.

  • Clothes that required pressing.

If business conference clothes as of late are tagged as “ready to wear”, why bother bringing on clothes that you need to iron for that dress code to be followed.

Certain blazers have a way of transforming a plain white tee into a “backdrop” for your dark navy blue blazer. Or if you have a sleeveless blouse to wear to pair with your fitting Ally McBeal skirt, you may simply top it off with a dark-colored blazer to highlight the light hues of your blouse.

  • New clothes straight from the pack.

The risk of wearing clothes fresh from the pack is you do not even rest assured if it will look great with your stretch denim jeans. Or if it is ill-fitting. Yes, you bought some new clothes in time for the weekend trip booked weeks ago.

But going with something not worn before that you have not even fitted at home seems like a wasted opportunity. So obviously the only way that you can get away with this boo-boo is if you have tried putting in on and matching it with some pants based on color scheme.

Packing Light While Traveling

Packing light has become a very convenient option for people who only take advantage of the weekend to travel. Like why would not those hand-carry bags get sold more than the suitcases and trunks in most online shops if the option to travel light is not that feasible?

It’s easy to understand why – you don’t live in a suitcase. You don’t always have time to travel and chances are you are in a 9-to-5 job that makes your weekend the day-off by default. You just want to utilize the little time you have for yourself to go elsewhere and enjoy.

The good news is that packing light will be less of a hassle for you granted that you abide by the following tips:

  1. Test your current carry-on bag’s capacity.

You don’t always get this opportunity when shopping for a new carry-on bag. You may have some bags in your closet that you have yet to use. But if it doesn’t pack much to help last through the weekend by that beachfront hotel, that’s when you go and start looking elsewhere.

If you are flying, the recommended metrics for a carry-on bag is 45 linear inches be it length, width or height. Verify with your current airline if it matches their specifications. Most airline companies view this bag as the kind that you can carry to your seat carrying enough stuff to last you for a weekend getaway. Bags sold online that contain this type of information deserved to be bookmarked on your online shopping account.

  1. Having a checklist to avoid forgetting any item to stuff in your carry-on bag.

Continue reading

How to Pick Clothes for your Next Trip

Ever got to the point of not knowing which pieces of clothing to pack for your next weekend getaway? Whether you rarely go on vacation or you’ve done this for the nth time, as long as you have clothes, it’s the choosing part that makes packing almost hard.


The thing is if you lose sight of the reason why you chose the clothes to put in your traveling bag, it will take you a lot longer to decide whether you want that printed dress to go with your sneakers or you’d rather have tattered denim shorts to go with the off-shoulder peach top and plain-colored strappy sandals.

Let’s list them down as follows:

Clothes that don’t need pressing

Not all hotels and resorts have ironing services. For those that do, it might lead to additional expenses. Even if this is a business trip, some ready-to-wear clothes can be packed and worn without the need for that flat iron. Sometimes, the trick is in that blazer or that classic jet black shawl.

Clothes for changing

Spending time under the hot sweltering sun can lead to sweaty moments where you just need to change your shirt. If you’re not at the beach but still enjoying the outdoor kind of a weekend getaway, the last thing you’ll need is a stuffy nose due to sweat that literally dried off your back.

Towels help for sure. But you end up finding the opportunity to change your shirt somewhere private (and with less pervy prying eyes) when you least expect it. So having that extra shirt ready when that time of the day comes.

Additional underwear

Never ever EVER underestimate the need for extra underwear. Getting into an adventurous weekend is no excuse for hygiene negligence. Changing it before going to sleep is a common occurrence. But for other instances where you got into a sticky situation, have extra undies to go with the additional pantyliner kit ready.

Traveling light should not be synonymous to a bulky baggage. The weekend getaway is an opportunity to rediscover yourself in more ways than one. When you are ready to face the world, you might as well be ready with the best clothes in your handy travel bag. Learn more about our posts on our service page.

Why are people afraid to travel to Africa?

Africa. The one country where many people don’t travel to. And, not because this isn’t a beautiful country, but because there are many reports of danger when you are going to Africa and all the different African countries. If you have the right information, then you might realize that it isn’t as dangerous to go to Africa than what you might have thought. These are a couple of things that you should consider when you are considering going to Africa, but too afraid to actually doing so:

Myths about Africa and African countries

There are many myths about Africa and African countries about how dangerous it is for tourists to travel to this country. However, this isn’t as dangerous as what many people are claiming. The myths are just based on what people are seeing on television. This isn’t really as bad as what you might think.

There are really a lot of great countries in Africa that you can visit, that are going to give you a great experience of the country. There are some awesome attractions that you should just see once in your life.

It isn’t dangerous to go to all the African countries

Yes, some of the African countries are really dangerous and not recommended to go to. However, this isn’t the same for all the countries in Africa. There are some of the countries that are welcoming tourists and that is ensuring that tourists are staying safe.

The secret is that you should do your homework and make sure that you know which of these countries are safe to go to, and which of these countries you should rather stay away from. Then, it will be easier to make the decision to go to this beautiful country without any dangers or risks.

Things to remember when going to Africa to stay safe

There are always a couple of things that you should remember when you are going to Africa. Crime is high, and you need to make sure that your belongings are with you at all times. And, you don’t give any of your belongings to someone to hold for you.

You need to make sure that you don’t wear too much cash with you, and you shouldn’t show the locals that you are a tourist and that you have lots of money with you. This is just asking to get robbed.

Just because there are many rumors about Africa and African countries, it doesn’t mean that you should be too afraid to visit this place. With the right information and knowing the dangerous African countries that you should avoid, you can travel to Africa and have a great time. It isn’t dangerous at all the different places and you don’t’ need to be too afraid to experience Africa. You will be surprised about what you will find in Africa and the African culture.